The Maison du Voyageur

The Maison de Bricourt restaurant was closed on the 20th of December, 2008. Never once did I regret the decision, as I knew that the Michelin stars would begin to weigh us down. When people go to a three-star restaurant, they expect to have an exceptional experience. Those aren't the right conditions for truly happy moments. However, that is what I wanted to provide: moments of shared happiness, in a more relaxed style of elegance. Such a dream was possible at the Château Richeux. Two teams were blended into one. Rodolphe, the maître d'hôtel at the Bricourt, would be the new manager of the Richeux. Emmanuel, our sommelier, was moved to the position of maître d'hôtel. My second-in-command, Jérôme Aumont, would switch to be the chef of the Coquillage. The house I grew up in was again remodelled into a studio, where I now design the spice blends. Its rooms are much calmer now, and of course, more scent-filled than ever. Today, I have much more time to share my passion for cuisine and for spices. Dédé is still beside me. He works in the same kitchen as he did in 1982, where he roasts, grinds and prepares the spices, and I work on designing the new blends, the new voyages, and the new adventures that find their way into kitchens the world over — and which infuse people's every day cooking with the taste of life.

The Maison de Bricourt became the workshop where I create my spices
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