Château Richeux

In 1984, Jane brought Mathilde into the world, and the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star. Four years after, and just after having given birth to Hugo, our second child, we were awarded a second star. American and Japanese guests alike came to dine in Cancale. We loged them in the Maison des Rimains, whose rooms Jane had decorated as if they were our own. In 1991, Les Rimains was no longer big enough to welcome everyone who wished to come. Not far away, a small castle had been put up for sale.
I see Château Richeux like a lookalike of the castle of Verrières, where my grand father used to take me 

 I had always imagined the Château Richeux to be a replica of the Château des Verrières that my grand father had taken me to, so many years before. As a child, I had often played in the yards around it, which had been left for abandon. The Château Richeux was fitted with eleven rooms and two apartments, and we opened a second restaurant there, called The Coquillage. The idea of a simpler, more convivial, and more affordable cuisine was my ideal. My level of sensitivity had increased and my cuisine had freed itself. It was then that I designed the now-famous dish of Brittany lobster with salted cocoa butter and Xeres vinegar.

With this second restaurant, the Coquillage, I wanted a simpler cuisine, friendlier and more affordable too.

The Bricourt restaurant's third Michelin star came much later, in 2006. Though I often say that the only star that really counts is the North Star, this one was important, because by that point I had begun to wonder. Nothing concrete had changed in the way the Bricourt functioned; in fact, I actually reduced the number of tables. The pace was infernal and the after-effects of the attack were becoming painful. My mother made me promise not to continue much longer. I agreed. She passed away in her sleep just a few weeks later, after having watered her orange trees one beautiful morning in June. A frenzy of travel then overtook me: Vietnam, Reunion Island, Brazil, India, among others… and my dishes, like my spice blends, told the story of a naval merchant from Brittany who, upon returning home from a long journey, wanted to express his overwhelming sense of joy.

The only star that matters is the Pole star!
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