Spices and health


Spices health benefits are immense because they allow diminishing fat, salt and sugar that are the curse of our occidental societies. 

Modern life does not require a lot of physical efforts, the collateral effects of this rich and imbalanced diet are devastating (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and generalized obesity). Since immemorial times, men instinctively know the active principles of spices; it is to get spices that the Westerners crossed oceans, not to add flavours to their cuisines but because they thought, correctly, that they were good for their health. Hippocrate discovered Ayurvédique medicine in India, which is still used today at the highest levels. 

To each type of individual corresponds a healthy, balanced and diverse diet. Spices allow lowering the salt level by using blends with coriander, celery seeds, fennel, galangal and ginger. 
Cinnamons and vanillas allow lowering the levels of sugar and regulating the insulin level. 
Today, it is known that some spices like the curcumin of curcuma and the piperine from pepper are very rich in antioxidant; used in certain amounts, they prevent diseases that are frequent in developed countries. 

The chef has the same responsibility than a mother, everywhere on Earth: to nourish the other in a tasty and healthy way. 

With Jane, who holds a degree in pharmacy, we composed our “spices powder” trying to cumulate the virtues of spices and herbs. 
Since a few years, we got closer with researchers and professors and were able to establish combinations of active principles to prevent and fight some of today’s diseases.
?But I remain a chef and having no legitimacy to affirm anything in the medical area, I always refer to recognized publications.   

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