Cooking with spices


Here are a few principles and recommendations to explore the art of spices.

Spices should be ground as close as possible to the moment when they are used. I am thinking especially of cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper.

Colombo, curry, massale… men have always created blends because combining different spices allow you to obtain a flavour, a taste, a fragrance; and it is the reason why I have been creating spices powders for almost thirty years ! 

If you make your own mixes, keep in mind that certain spices benefit from being toasted, such as cumin, caraway, green fennel, coriander and sesame. To do this, heat a dry skillet over low heat, add a layer of seeds and let them turn lightly golden, stirring constantly. 

As for my “spice powders,” you can simply sprinkle them on food (vegetables, fish, rice, pasta, meat, fruit) either cold, as with “Forbidden powder” on strawberries or hot, during cooking, as in “Grande Caravane” on lamb chops, “Marine” on mackerel or red mullet…

You can also use the spice powders as an aromatic base for a sauce, either by mixing it with the sauce, as in “Gallo powder” in a cream sauce for chicken or white meat or by heating it lightly in butter or oil with shallots, onions and carrots, such as “Back from the Indies” with onions and ginger but without letting it colour so that it doesn’t become bitter, or by adding a few pinches ten minutes before serving, as in “Voyage” or “Fairy” which enhance a soup or bouillon or by mixing it with fresh goat’s cheese, mayonnaise or vinaigrette, like “Cochin dream” with yoghurt or “Alizés” with vinaigrettes…

Sometimes it takes time for their flavour to penetrate, as in “Equinox” in chocolate for a cake or mousse.
Using a spice powder should not exclude other flavours such as those of fresh herbs, which are often complementary. Coriander and fresh mint are a must in “Back from the Indies” sauce, and an aromatherapy infusion is strengthened by a few citrus zests.
Inhale, taste, dare... The spices powders will make you travel and cook by simply blending flavours and fragrances. 
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