Creator of spice powders


No matter what the country, spices are rarely used singly; a blend of 3 to 20 spices is typical. I have never felt the urge to reproduce a garam masala, Creole curry or Indian curry, but seek instead to build a new combination of spices like a “nose” would create a perfume. This original flavour, this “spice powder,” would be dedicated to a precise product or dish, such as tomato, fish or a dessert. 

My spices powders highlight a free cuisine, from the garden, the sea and full of adventures that I have always loved.  

The building of flavours must be done with mastery. I search, experiment, start again, years pass. My dream of flavours continues to exist in my memory and, one day, almost suddenly, the flavour is here, very precise, all I have to do is associate spices and herbs, there is no need to taste… 

For me, creating spices powders is like a game of construction that can be strongly linked to dreams of maritime adventures, to a story, a memory, an emotion, often an encounter. I find this game completely absorbing. How to approach this product? Why dress it up, reveal it, change it, enhance it or caress it? A perfume-maker creating a woman fragrance must be thinking about the same questions concerning the skin of an imaginary woman.

I compose my spices powders with the ingredients that nature has provided: the fire spices – chilli peppers, ginger, pepper, false peppers; the anise bonbons – anise, dill, fennel seeds and branches, wild fennel, star anise; the tender spices – vanillas, nutmeg, mace, annatto; those with strong character – cloves, allspice; the exotic – lemongrass, lily buds; the magnificent – coriander, green, black or white cardamom; and on and on…

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